A Bedroom Makeover For Sophie


I am a lover of creating feminine spaces, but it’s even more special when your clients are so passionate and excited about the project. My client Fiona contacted me a few years back to take a look at her stunning farm house and give her some design ideas. Recently she connected me again with a new project, her daughter Sophie’s bedroom.

Sophie is a lover of pink so the paint was staying. She wanted to give her self a more grown up room with a more bohemian / contemporary look. I was so excited to meet with the two of them and go over my ideas for the space.

Both Sophie and Fiona told me their vision for her new “big girl room” They also were totally open to all of the ideas that I had as well. I have said it before and I will say it again, there is nothing better than when your clients TRUST that your vision will be an amazing outcome. I felt so much trust on this project and we all got so excited with each new item chosen for the space.


We started off with deciding what pieces Sophie would want to keep in the space. Both her and Fiona were open to purchasing a larger bed. We decided to keep her nightstand and large dresser. We kept some of her decorative items as well as her vanity chair.



A big change in the space was the new layout. With the new bed and headboard, we decided that the perfect location for it would be on the main wall in-between her two windows. This creates a beautiful focal point in the space. The headboard is tufted and linen, we added a beautiful white and black pin stripped comforter to the bed. I finished off the look with ivory woven pillows and a beautiful salmon/pink bohemian lumbar pillow at the front. We added her side table on the right side and on the left we set down a small wooden stool where she can leave decorative items or use the surface to charge her phone.

 Her large dresser stayed in the same location. We got rid of some of the items placed on top and added some more decorative pieces. We added her record player, some greenery, jewelry holders and a beautiful piece of artwork that hung above the dresser to set the colour pallet and mood for the space.

 In the left corner I created a little reading nook for Sophie. She collects books and I wanted to create a space for her to enjoy. The velvet chair was purchased at Homesense and the gold polka dot pillow was from IKEA.

Sophie is a lover or makeup so we wanted to make sure there was a space where she could experiment with her makeup and get ready in the morning. We had a desk custom made and turned it into a vanity by adding a wooden mirror above it.

I am so thrilled with the way this space turned out and it mean so much to me to have created a special bedroom for Sophie!

Until Next Time






Marcy Mussari