My Favourite Flowers For Valentines

Valentines Day is tomorrow sweeties! Its not to late to find some last minute gifts for your loved ones. Flowers have always been a favourite of mine. I love how they can bring life and happiness into any room. I worked at a greenhouse for years as well as working with a floral designer (Ooh Lala Designs). From these jobs I have learned so much about different flowers. My boyfriend used to buy me a bouquet of red roses with babies breath and call it a day (Love you babe). Now he knows to ask more questions about the types of flowers to get and the colours. Below I have listed 5 of my favourite flowers for Valentines Day!

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 11.12.00 AM.png

Pink Tulips

You can never go wrong with pink tulips, they always remind me of spring. My favourite tulips are the very light pink ones. I love how after a few days the flower really fills out and the stems start creating their own shapes. In my opinion tulips work in any vase, large or small. Love them!


Dahlia’s are definitely one of my favourite types of flowers. In the photo below we have a white colour with pink/purple around the edges of the pedals. I also love these flowers in burgundy and orange. When you fill a bunch of these babies in a large ginger jar it looks stunning!

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 11.22.50 AM.png


Peonies are the most beautiful flowers! These sweeties are hard to get this time of year but they are absolutely worth it. I love displaying peonies on my night stand. Some of my favourites are the light light pink (almost white) and medium pink peonies. There is nothing more gorgeous then some bright peonies wrapped up in brown craft paper with a satin bow * Heart Eye Emoji *

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 10.57.10 AM.png


Just because its Valentines Day doesn’t mean you need to go with pink and red. White flowers are so beautiful and elegant. I love filling a glass vase full of white Lisianthus. The pink are gorgeous too! These flowers also look great in small cafe vases. Cut the stems at different lengths and add a few in each vase


It can’t be a Valentines Day post without including a few roses in here. My favourite roses are Juliet Roses and Spray Roses. Pink is always an easy way to go but ivory sprays are also timeless! * Side Note - Notice that there is no babies breath with the roses. When styling roses I make sure to take all of the leaves off of the stems and do not include the babies breath in the arrangement.

Happy Flower Shopping Everyone

Until next time,

Marcy xo

Marcy Mussari