My New Project

Hey Sweeties! Lately I have wanted to work on a passion project of my own. I love working on my clients projects but I wanted a project that was mine where I could get the satisfaction of taking something average and making it beautiful. I woke up one morning on a Sunday in January and randomly thought to myself “I want to buy a trailer”. I know this may seem crazy to most people but I have always been so interested in small spaces and turning them into something practical and beautiful.

I originally got the idea a year or so ago when I came across designer Jackie Glass’s RV makeover. I thought it was such an amazing transformation done on a budget. Ashley Petrone from Arrows and Bow Blog was also another huge inspiration for this project. Her and her husband renovated two trailers and both of them turned out incredible! I had no idea how much campers or RV’s cost and didn’t know much about them at all. I decided to do some research and ended up finding myself looking up different trailers daily. Originally I was looking for something with a bedroom, main living area, kitchen, bathroom and bunks. After dragging my mom to come look at a bunch with me, I realized that this size was too large and I had no idea where I would store one of those massive trailers. One day I was working at a client’s house with the contractor and I asked him if he had ever worked on a trailer. To my surprise he said “Yes!” He had redone his friend’s trailer a few years back and had some knowledge on what to look for. I asked him if he would come with me to take a look at a trailer that I found online. He agreed and we met up a few days later. I really thought that this one was the trailer for me. It had a nice size kitchen, a seating area, a sofa, a bedroom and a bathroom. What I liked about this one was that there were no extra bunk beds to take care of and there was a slider for more space. We did our inspection and everything was going great. Once we got to the main bedroom we found water damage on the one side wall and some mold. Unfortunately this one was not the trailer for me.

After searching for a month I started to get a little bit discouraged and kept asking myself “should I really do this?” But each day, between client work I would find my self looking up trailers in my area and pinning ideas to my Trailer Folder on Pinterest.

Last week while watching the Bachelor with my mom and sisters I went on Kijiji to see if there was anything that stood out to me. After contacting a handful of people about trailers I came across this little guy. When I say little I mean little! It looked like it was in great shape. I really liked how the size was small and could immediately see a vision of what this entire trailer could look like with some TLC. I quickly sent over an email and asked to see the trailer. I got a response right away and scheduled a time to see it the next day.

The next afternoon I brought my trailer hunting partner Margo (my mom) to come with me. We drove one hour out to the middle of no where, and I was just hoping that this trip would be worth it. The man selling it was super nice and had so much knowledge about trailers. I told him about my visions for it and he shared with me that his sister had renovated a few trailers for her business, having success with each one. After sharing some photos with us he took me over to the Jay Feather Sport. When we stepped inside I immediately had a feeling that this was the one. It was small but super cute and I love the layout. It was alot cleaner than most of the other trailers I had been looking at and there was SO much natural light. It felt like being in a little cottage in the woods or on a lake. We went over some of the things that needed fixing and I let him know what my budget was. We both agreed on a selling price and when it was time to decide I looked over at my mom and said “ So what do you think?”. She said “ I think you should just get it because I can tell you like it and I don’t want to have to listen to you complain if you miss out on it.” I laughed and agreed!

So here we are! I now have my very own trailer. I am so excited to take on this project and see what I can turn this little guy into! I will be taking photos and videos of the progress along the way of turning this little camper into a charming get away!

Here are some before photos!

Whether I end up selling, renting or just using this baby for my own road trips, I can’t wait to see what’s to come! Follow along my journey!

Until Next Time

Marcy, xo

Marcy Mussari