Hi Everyone!

If you don’t know me, my name is Marcy but you can call me Marce.  I am an Interior Decorator / Designer who has a passion for all things creative! I decided to start this blog to give you an inside look at my day to day / weekly life.

Here you will find design tips, before and afters, recipes, beauty secrets, fashion ideas and more!
I’ve been wanting to start up a blog for a while now and finally decided to go for it. I’ve had doubts and have been nervous to launch, but sometimes you need to face your fears in order to create something great! Let’s start this journey!

Here is a little bit about me!

As I mentioned before design is a huge passion of mine, along with other hobbies and interests.

I am a lover of music especially indie, alternative rock and jazz music. (I believe that I get my love for jazz music from my Grandfather Zoli). I enjoy hosting dinner parties where I make my guests colour coordinate with the table linen.  In the evening, I enjoy dancing under the stars, going for walks in our village and watching old black and white movies after sunset under twinkly lights. On the weekends, you can find me searching for treasures at the local flea market or sipping a glass of wine at a Niagara winery while enjoying the live music. If you are a loved one to me I probably call you “SWEETIE”. I am definitely an old soul at heart who has been recreated into this world.

I come from an amazing family and am the oldest with two beautiful blonde sisters. My parents are the coolest people around. My sisters and I hang out with them as if we are all best friends, and they both have awesome style & great taste in music. Speaking of family, I am also extremely close with my grandparents (Nonno and Nonna) which is where I believe my love for food comes from. My friends say that I have a “Tom Mussari Appetite” (that’s my dad). Enjoying delicious food in a beautiful atmosphere makes me so happy. There is nothing better than turning on some Van Morrison, pouring a glass of red wine and cooking away with my friends and family. I love to create beauty and hope to inspire you to too! I am certainly not the best writer (or speller) but I have a lot to say and advice to give!

Stay tuned for posts, beautiful photography and DIY videos. Let’s do this, I can’t wait “SWEETIES”!

Until next time,
Marcy xo