My Personal Design Style

Marcy's Personal Style.JPG

Working as a designer I am always creating a dream space for a client. Each project makes me more and more excited to have my own house one day. I have not yet purchased my own home, but I have been day dreaming about the day for years!

There are so many ideas that come to mind.  I would say that my personal style is more on the traditional side. (Thanks to Gramma Paisley’s antiques that I have always admired) I am a lover of antiques but enjoy pairing them with more contemporary pieces. (Probably inspired by my Grampa Zoli’s Mid Century Modern influence) I am a lover of light, bright and WHITE spaces, but can also appreciate rich and moody colours used for a library, accent wall or built in. 

I get my inspiration from everywhere. I find myself getting inspired by nature, traveling, magazines, Pinterest, artwork and movies (I wish that I could live in ANY of Nancy Meyers sets… that would be a dream).  

Here are some of my favorite inspirational photos that best describe my personal style:

The Exterior:

I am a lover of symmetry when it comes to the exterior of a home and am also a HUGE lover of a white. I am always inspired by Georgian and Colonial style homes that look like they could be located on an English country side or in a story book. My heart flutters for a cedar shake roof and I also adore the warmth of the perfect stone. (Imagine living in the stone cottage from the Holiday? DREAM)

Curb Appeal:

Greenery is so important and really creates a finishing touch to the front entrance of your home. I have always been a fan of white hydrangeas. I also have always imagined large Box Wood hedges surrounding my yard. Trees are so beautiful to me and in a dream world I would have a variety of beautiful Willow, Mulberry and fruit trees on my property to hang twinkly lights in and picnic under.


Trim, moldings and more mouldings!!

I have always been inspired by French Architecture. I love large windows, tall ceilings and french mouldings lining the walls in a space. Built ins are another must have for me when creating my dream home. I love the idea of having window seats to curl up and read a book in or large built ins to display all of my décor items and treasures.

Front Foyer:

I have always envisioned a beautiful staircase lined with detailed wainscoting. I can see a beautiful oversized light fixture hanging down from the cathedral ceiling and a round table in the center of the space with an oversized vase full of beautiful fresh flowers (A girl can dream).


Natural light in the kitchen would be important to me. I want a spacious kitchen with a lot of beautiful windows. An island would be lovely and I love the idea of hanging oversized pendant lights to really make a statement. I am loving the putty colours these days and feel that it would warm up the space with two toned cabinets. It would be an investment worth the extra cost to have a French style Range.

Living Room:

I have always grown up with a formal living room in my home and I love the idea of this. This is the space where you go when you have company and its always set up like a magazine.


The bedroom would need to feel luxurious and inviting. I wouldn’t want the room to feel overly feminine but would want it to be an elegant and cozy space.

I would love an accent wall of moldings or shiplap behind the bed and would invest in a custom bed or headboard.


A claw foot tub would be a MUST for me. I have been dreaming about taking a bath in one of those babies ever since I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 


I could look at inspiration photos of backyards for days! I love the idea of having a space to gather outside. I love being outside on summer evenings and these photographs of the outdoor fire places make me giddy. 

I love the look of a large rectangular pool lined with brick or stone. This reminds me of something you would see in the Hamptons. Wouldn’t you feel like you were on vacation all the time with a backyard like this!?

Until next time,
Marcy xo