A Beautiful Holiday Inspired Charcuterie Board in a Few Simple Steps

The Holidays is a time to gather with friends and family and this usually means it’s a time to entertain. Today I am going to show you how easy you can impress your guests with a charcuterie board they will leave talking about.


The Tray

It’s time to get creative with this. Instead of using a cutting board I am going to add some character with a beautiful vintage silver platter. This dresses up the idea and is a little bit different than your traditional wooden cutting board.


Extra Bowls and Layering

I love to incorporate a few extra bowls to add different heights to the board and to make the tray look more visually appealing.


Meats and Cheeses & Bread

I could live off of bread, cheese and roasted red peppers, my FAVOURITE. I always add a variety of meats and cheeses to the board. In this case I have added my dad’s homemade soppressata and prosciutto. For cheese, some of my favorites are Grand Padano, Parmigiana, Brie and Bocconcini.

I love to get fresh bread to add to the board to soak up the oils.

Another look that I love is prosciutto wrapped bread sticks. Can’t wait to dig in!

Fruit for Colour 

Around the holidays I love to add in fruits that are colorful and “Christmas Inspired”.

Figs, oranges and cranberries are some of my favorites. You can NOT forget about grapes! I like red grapes to make my board more festive.

When slicing the oranges, I just slice them in half for presentation. It looks beautiful and is extremely simple.

Nuts for texture

Almonds are delicious and look lovely on the board. Nothing like adding a little CRUNCH.

Greenery can go a long way

Because it is the holidays I do not shy away from adding some greenery to the board. Usually Rosemary is my favorite but I have also been loving Olive Greens and Eucalyptus. Once the board is set up, add in some cedar greens around the tray to make it extra festive.


To finish off the look I will add cheese knives to the platter. On the side, I add plates and festive napkins so your guests can make their own plate!

There you have it, an easy Charcuterie Board to impress your guests!

Until next time,
Marcy xo