DIY Christmas Olive Leaf Eucalyptus Wreath


When it comes to the Holidays things can tend to get expensive. I wanted to come up with a DIY that is festive, affordable and timeless. I created a DIY wreath which is original and so easy to make! 

What you will need:

  • A bunch of Olive Leaves (Olive seeds make it look more festive)

  • A bunch of Seeded Eucalyptus (for filler)

  • Wreath Outlines

  • Green Wire or Green Twist Tie

  • Floral Tape

  • Pliers or Scissors

  • Fishing Line

  • Striped Ribbon

Step One:

Cut your Olive Greens & Eucalyptus Into pieces and bunches about 6 inches long. Then take your pieces, make small bunches and tape them together.

Step Two:

Lay out your olive greens around the wreath outline. Be sure to have all of the leaves facing the same direction.


Step Three:

Wire or twist tie all of the pieces to the wreath frame to make sure everything is secure.

Step Four: 

Next fill in all of the bare spaces with your seeded eucalyptus.

Step Five:

Add in your beautiful striped ribbon and create a bow at the top or the bottom of the wreath.

Step Six: 

Add fishing wire and hang your beautiful wreath!

Until next time,
Marcy xo