My 26th Birthday


As previously mentioned, I am a lover of hosting memorable dinner parties. I tend to go all out when I do this with elegant table settings, fresh flowers, candles, matching outfits, themes etc. I love creating special moments that my close family and friends can enjoy.

Last year was my champagne birthday (I turned 25 on September 25th). I went overboard and set up a beautiful harvest table in the back yard with a pergola (which my awesome dad made that day) decorated with fresh flowers. The table was set with gold rimmed chargers, antique glassware, orange filled arrangements and gold candle sticks. I hired a caterer who prepared 4 delicious courses for us to enjoy.


I did not intend to do anything crazy this year… 26 isn’t a really big deal but at the same time, why not celebrate in a fun way and have a night to remember? We only live once sweeties!

A few weeks before my birthday I went to my Nonno and Nonna’s house. I wanted to spend some time with them but also had work to do so I set up my laptop in the back yard. As I sat on their little plastic chairs chatting with my Nonno, I suddenly had this vision of a dinner party in their back yard. My mind starting flooding with so many ideas. I could vision my friends and I dressed in plaid and warm sweaters, sitting at a beautiful table under their pear trees.

I quickly told my Nonno the idea and he was thrilled “Whatever you want Marce, you the boss” he said in his deep Italian accent. (He is the SWEETEST SWEETIE). 

When I get an idea, I tend to get extremely excited and my brain doesn’t stop. Right away I started making a Birthday Party Pinterest board. I wanted the dinner to be fall inspired but I also wanted to make things quick and easy when it came to the food because I knew that I would be busy in the day setting up. 

The day of the party I strung twinkly lights in the trees and set up a large wooden table. I used my Great Gramma Potter’s beautiful burnt orange French Provincial Chairs and Settee and placed them around the table. I made my own floral arrangements using Fall inspired colours and greens and finished off each plate setting with a delicious pear that I picked from Nonno and Nonna’s trees. It was perfect. (Thanks to my sister Allison who always ends up helping me with set up and final decisions).

For the food, we ordered “The Pie Plate” Pizzas (one being an amazing apple pizza. Yes, there were apple slices on the pizza and it was delish).  I had a beautiful charcuterie board filled with meats, cheeses and bread. My friend Katarina made a tasty salad with the most delicious cherry tomatoes and crisp lettuce from the garden.

We set up a projector which played some of my favorite old classic movies. (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Roman Holiday, High Society and some I Love Lucy Episodes).

I was surrounded by my close girl friends and family and even Nonno and Nonna came to enjoy a glass of wine with us. 

Before dinner I made a special toast (I’m ALL about emotional and meaningful toasts) I thanked my friends for coming, for my family’s help with set up and for my Nonno and Nonna allowing us to spend this magical night in their yard. My mom mentioned that we should make a toast to Gramma Potter since we were all sitting on her perfectly tufted furniture. With tears in our eyes we all said SALUTE. (Little did we know a few days later that the night of my birthday party was the anniversary of Gramma Potters passing… coincidence? She must have been with us that night).

I am so grateful for special nights like this one. My Nonno and Nonna’s garden is so special to me. I can remember as a kid spending summers in the garden picking apples, selling vegetables and running around until the sun would set. My 26th Birthday will always be one that I will never forget!

Until next time,
Marcy xo