A Holiday Bar Cart Styled 2 Ways

Its almost Christmas Eve! I can’t believe it. I feel like Christmas has come so fast the past few years! I have been meaning to post more holiday blog posts, but my week was busy with client projects and my Christmas shopping/ wrapping. I am excited to entertain and go to a bunch of Christmas parties and dinners over the next week! Today I will be sharing two ways to style your bar cart for the holidays! I hope you enjoy them!

A Classic Cocktail Styled Bar Cart:


When hosting holiday parties it’s always nice to have a bar cart set up for your guests to create their own cocktails. This option is clean, classic and simple.

I decided to go with a tarnished gold bar cart that has modern lines. This reminds me of a piece that I would see in an episode of Mad Men, which I love.

Instead of just having glasses and the alcohol bottles I decided to change things up and add some more detail. For the martini glasses I added some festive garnishes by placing some rosemary and black berries inside each glass. I always love the idea of creating your own creative cocktail for your guests. I used decanters to create more of an organized and formal look. I found this antique gold ice bucket with a walnut wooden top to add warmth. I also added some books for height. On top I created a beautiful and Christmas inspired floral arrangement full of Eucalyptus. Ranunculus, Queen Annes Lace and Variegated Pittosporum


On the bottom shelf of the bar-cart I made sure to keep it spacious and not too cluttered. I added in some decor pieces which included my statue that I adore. I just love fresh oranges around Christmas ; they are fragrant and add a pop of colour. I also have these two decanters that I purchased at a local flea market years ago. I put them both on top of a white and grey marble tray. Glass is always easy to decorate with, it makes the setup feel airy and delicate. One of my favourite beverages is a Gin and Soda, so I made sure to add a few cold bottles of San Pellegrino. To finish off the look I added some fresh branches of Princess Pine .


DIY Hot Chocolate Bar Cart:


Who doesn’t love a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s night? This bar cart is perfect for parties! I recently created my own DIY Hot Chocolate bar-cart at a PJ party with my friends and it was a hit!

As you probably know by now, I love my antiques. I decided to use my silver vintage tea set and love how it looks paired with more of a modern and gold bar-cart. Don’t be afraid to mix metals, it looks beautiful when done right! I love how delicate these pieces look. I used glass mugs for the hot chocolate and added black and white paper strays to add some pattern. I filled the cream and sugar containers up with hot cocoa and mini marshmallows. One of my favourite parts are the detailed silver spoons laid out for my guests to stir.

For this floral arrangement I used very similar greens and flowers but this time I placed them all in this lovely stone vase. The different finishes worked out perfectly!

For the bottom shelf I used glass jars to display cinnamon sticks and larger marshmallows. I placed both of these jars on top of large coffee table books that worked with the colour pallet. I also incorporated two sparkly and festive Christmas trees which I purchased at Home sense.

This look is so simple to achieve but it looks so thought out and refined.


Merry Christmas Sweeties!

Until next time,

Marcy xo