Christmas PJ Movie Night

There is nothing better than a cozy and Christmassy night inside, especially when the weather starts getting colder. I enjoy making gatherings feel extra special so I invited my friends over for a movie night. Instead of watching movies on the sofa in the living room I decided to set up my bedroom like a little movie theatre.

We have a projector that I used in the summer to have movie nights in my Nonna and Nonno’s backyard. I dug it out of the back hall and set it up in my bedroom. Since I have white linen curtains hung over my large bay window I thought this would be the perfect background for our holiday film.


To create a comfortable atmosphere, I turned on all of my Christmas lights, I lit a bunch of candles, I put down blankets and pillows on the floor, opened a bottle of red wine and popped some popcorn.

My friends arrived in their flannel and plaid pyjamas with bows in their hair.  Sara the baker of our friend group made some black bean brownies and we were all ready to go!

We had a list of movies to watch but everyone decided on one of my FAVOURITES of all time, The Holiday. This is the third time I have watched this movie in the last few weeks but I can never get sick of it! Sara and I recited all of the words in British accents while Kat and Cristina constantly told us to “shush”. “Scruddle deedle doo” “brilliant, brutal but brilliant”

 This movie makes me feel so happy and warm inside. It is the perfect film to really get into the Holiday spirit. I am in love with all of Nancy Meyer’s sets but one of my favorites in this film Irsi’s is the Stone Cottage. The scenes makes me want to get away and visit the English Countryside. The character Amanda’s stunning Spanish inspired California home is also a dream. It is all just SO BEAUTIFUL, Jude Law isn’t too bad to look at either….

This was the perfect pick for our girl’s night!


I can’t wait to have some more cozy movie nights in this space. Some other Christmas top picks of mine are Serendipity, Jack Frost, White Christmas, The Polar Express, The Santa Clause and Love Actually.

Until next time,

Marcy xo