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Looking Back At 2018

Another year has come and gone! It seems that as I grow older, each year goes by quicker. With this is mind, I have really learned to appreciate the “little moments” in my day to day life. I have so much to be thankful and grateful for. It can sometimes be hard to focus on being happy in the "present moment”, as we often spend too much of our energy on where we want to be, or what we need to achieve. As I look back at my year in 2018, I am proud of my growth and wanted to take sometime to recognize even the small things that I have achieved over this past year.

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1 Week Bedroom Makeover

My boyfriend Chris’s bedroom needed a major makeover. Now that he has returned home from many years in university studying to become a physio therapist, he wanted to give his room a facelift. His room was bright red and blue with old wooden furniture and soccer posters plastered all over the walls. We wanted to do something neutral so that when he moves out the room could also work as a guest bedroom.

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