Before and After: Briarwood Living Room


The living room is one of my favorite spaces to decorate in a home. This is where family gathers together to hang out with company, celebrate special occasions or even curl up to read a good book. My client’s living room needed a major facelift. The walls were deep purple, the fireplace was way too tiny for the large wall it was on and the furniture was a little bit too bulky.


I decided to really brighten things up in the room and painted all of the walls light gray. My clients loved that they had a fireplace in the space but I wanted to really create a focal point on their main wall. Since my dad and sister Melissa are super handy, I asked my client if she would be interested in having them make her a new mantel. I wanted something that was the right scale for the space but still had a sleek and modern look.

I looked around for Inspiration pictures and found this living room Designed by Studio Mcgee. I loved the look of the fireplace mantel and my dad and Melissa were confident that they could create something similar. 

I wanted to create a conversation area around the new beautiful fireplace so I kept the main layout very similar to the previous one. My client wanted to incorporate some unique pieces and I wanted to warm things up with some wood. I found a beautiful three leveled coffee table to add to the center of the space. I love this piece because it looks like a work of art and it introduced round edges into the room so that everything isn’t so square. Another thing that I love about this space is the window bench that we added. I found this bench at Home Sense and just loved the texture and pattern through it. We really created its own little “zone” just by adding some drapes right under the top window. How cozy!  We got rid of the big and bulky red chairs and added in sleeker shaped chairs that are still very comfortable but have smaller arms and are more elevated.


My clients had a lot of “Knick knacks” as I like to call them that sat on a large open bookcase. I decided to get rid of these and create more of a pleasing vignette with a beautiful midcentury dresser, a piece of art that tied the colour pallet in and two beautiful lamps for some extra light and sculptural detail.

The before and after of this space is better than I could have imagined.  I love the way the fireplace came together as well as the way the room feels when you are in it. It Is so cozy but polished at the same time. This space really makes a statement when you walk into this home… Oh how I love what I do.

Until next time,
Marcy xo