Christmas Time and Traditions


Who doesn’t love Christmas!? Christmas is one of my FAVOURITE times of the year! I love listening to Christmas music, cuddling up by the beautiful tree and a warm fire, hosting festive dinners and buying presents for my loved ones.


We sure do a lot of hosting during the holidays but I love it! Every year I have my girlfriends over for a potluck dinner. We all wear Christmassy outfits and gift each other a new pair of Christmas PJs. Last year we did a Secret Santa and each made a riddle for each other. It was so sweet and left some of us in tears!

The Annual Mussari Christmas Picture

We have a tradition in the Mussari home that we have done every year since I was born. This is the Mussari Christmas Photo. It usually Involves me picking out the location and everyone’s outfit. We always scramble to get it taken but it’s always a memory that we can cherish.

Christmas Music

This music brings me so much happiness, I love the classics. I love putting a Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby record on while I sit by the fire or decorate the tree.


Christmas Movies

I have so many favorites, some include The Holiday, Jack Frost, White Christmas, The Santa Clause movies and the  cartoons Rudolph and Frosty.

Decorating the Tree

In my house I do all of the Christmas decorating but my family is there to help decorate the tree. We get a real tree each year and always look for the tallest one because our ceiling is 12ft tall in the living room. My mom doesn’t really have a tree “theme”.. no fancy bulbs. Our tree is always decorated with memories.


Snow Walks

There is nothing better than a fresh snow fall. One of my favorite things to do in the winter time is to go for winter walks. I love how beautiful the snow looks covering the trees like a white blanket and the stillness it creates in the  air.


Decorating my Room

I always like to make my room look festive around the holidays. I do this by adding textured throw pillows and throws, greenery, red bows and beautiful birch branches.


Present Wrapping

I always love to get really creative with my gift wrapping. I do this by adding colour coordinated wrap, satin bows, fresh cedar, red berries and personalized cards. Stay Tuned for a Creative Christmas Wrapping DIY coming soon!

Until next time,
Marcy xo